Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ms. Stardoll World Wants Everything.

Hey there, Dolls.
Gossip Girl here, bringing you all the news about the famous dolls in Dollywood.

"Give chance to others" is a quote that we can hear from a beauty queen, but ms. Stardoll World is different.
Perilice2, known for cheating winning the Miss Stardoll World contest, was spotted asking people to vote her for covergirl.
It's not that bad to ask for people to vote for you, but if you're as famous or successful as her, then it can be bad.
This bitch won every magazine contest in stardoll and still wants more.

Perilice2: Wants to keep the spotlight to herself.
Gossip Girl: Wants to kick Perilice2 out of the spotlight.

Gossip Girl

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