Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spotted: Noelle_Page's Runway Outfit

Spotted, Noelle_Page looking glamorously fabulous, together with her body guards.
I totally adore her outfit today, especially those SHOES!
Speaking of Noelle, Do you think she looks like kim kardashian?
tell me your answer.
Gossip Girl

Stardoll Will Turn To DisneyDoll?

I have three letters for this news: WTF!
Seriously, Stardoll can't be purchased by Disney. Disney will ruin everything in our beloved stardoll.
They will replace the fashionable and sophisticated outfits to cinderella's gown and ariel's bra!

but wait, I shouldn't freak out like this. This crap isn't confirmed yet and will never be.... hopefully.

Gossip Girl

Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello Dolls,
It's Gossip Girl, bringing you the latest news and gossips about the scandalous stardoll elites.

Right now, I noticed a new (or is it old) elite trend in stardoll.
And it's called

A lot of elites have so many guestbook comments, but only a few are replied.
why is this so?

Maybe they're so full of themselves and doesn't want to waste their time talking to "unfamous" members.
Maybe they're just so busy.

You decide.

Before I end this post, I would want to show you some unreplied comments from someone's guestbook.

Gossip Girl

Friday, January 21, 2011

Horror Movie Starring Dolls

Hey Dollywood!
Gossip Girl here, bringing you the latest news in stardoll.

So what is everyone's talking about?
The cinemas! One of the creative brains in dollywood decided to make a horror movie in stardoll.

The movie is entitled "Running from Chantelle."
I actually liked the trailer and the spoiler, but the thing about this that I truly LOVED is the idea!

It's something different. I'm just scared it might end up being a disaster.

Do you think it will be a hit?
Gossip Girl

The Elite Revolution

I know some of you are familiar with this blog called The Elite Revolution. But believe it or not, today is the first time I came across this blog and i'm already hooked with it.

This blog trash talks the elites and their projects.
I don't really know why I find it entertaining, but maybe because it's something different and honest.

According to my brain, the owner of this blog is lonely and jealous of the elites.
According to them:


What is The Elite Revolution is all about? Well, we're sick of it. We're sick of the entitled attitudes the current Elite's own, we're sick of the overblown egos. Its time someone took this serious Dollywood World issue to heart, and made a difference. We're sick of reading comments and whining blogs about needing new Elites, but they do nothing about it. It's time to shake the Stardoll world, its time to for these pathetic excuses for "Elites" to disappear into the cyberworld with nothing left to their names. We're here to start The Elite Revolution, to post everyones true opinions of these dinosaur Elites. Since most of you are afraid of crossing one of them, we're here to do it ourselves. We'll post what everyone is thinking.The Elite Revolution's one goal is to open the eyes of Stardoll users around the world, its time to end the current Elite Depression. And so begins the Revolution. 

Will you waste your time reading this blog?
Well you should.
Gossip Girl

Who Looks Better With it?

As a stardoll blogger, I also need to check out other blogs to be updated and find inspirations for my upcoming posts.
I went to Stardoll's Most Wanted and read some posts.
I always find most of the posts in that bog interesting, but this time i'm not really interested on the posts but on one of the writer's banner.

Houpisonfire a.k.a. Ruth is one of the writers in SMW.
I saw that she's very committed in writing because she posted more than 2 posts consecutively in that blog, Now let's check out her banner.
Check it out:

hmmmm, this banner of hers really looks interesting.
Her hair looks exactly like my MDM portrait that is created by Noelle_Page.

I'm not saying she copied this portrait but what i'm pointing out here is that....
we look a LIKE.

We both have blonde hairs, pale lipsticks, dark eyeliners and the pinkish stardoll skin.

Even though we look a like, I can still say that i'm the prettier one!
Do you agree?
Gossip Girl

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spotted: UndamyUmbrellla is a Maident

After posting my introduction, I went directly to stardoll to look for something interesting to write about.
I visited the suites of the stardoll elites.
When I went to UndamyUmbrellla's page, I saw something that is very interesting.
I saw her ugly outfit.

When I saw this outfit there is only one word that came to my brain: MAIDENT!!
oh wait, that's not a word.
well let's just call her that because by the looks of her outfit she looks like a maid and a student rolled into one!

But lets not forget that in every bad thing, there's always a positive side.
And the positive side in this, is that this outfit of hers is a step up compared to the nip-slip one she had last year:

oh and btw she designed both of this outfit, so that means she's a bad designer!

sorry girl!
Gossip Girl

Introducing: Stardoll's New Gossip Girl

We have to admit it.
Everywhere we go, there will always be social classes.
There are people who are high and some are low.

In stardoll, the people who are considered to be on the top are the so-called "elites."
They're rich, famous, flawless and sometimes bitchy.
And as your newest Gossip Girl, i'm here to give you news and gossips about them.

In the history of stardoll, there had been 2 different gossip girls. I'm the 3rd one and hopefully the last one.

I will be different from the ones you've seen before, cuz i'm not just Gossip Girl.....
i'm GossipGirl4real