Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Looks Better With it?

As a stardoll blogger, I also need to check out other blogs to be updated and find inspirations for my upcoming posts.
I went to Stardoll's Most Wanted and read some posts.
I always find most of the posts in that bog interesting, but this time i'm not really interested on the posts but on one of the writer's banner.

Houpisonfire a.k.a. Ruth is one of the writers in SMW.
I saw that she's very committed in writing because she posted more than 2 posts consecutively in that blog, Now let's check out her banner.
Check it out:

hmmmm, this banner of hers really looks interesting.
Her hair looks exactly like my MDM portrait that is created by Noelle_Page.

I'm not saying she copied this portrait but what i'm pointing out here is that....
we look a LIKE.

We both have blonde hairs, pale lipsticks, dark eyeliners and the pinkish stardoll skin.

Even though we look a like, I can still say that i'm the prettier one!
Do you agree?
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