Friday, January 21, 2011

The Elite Revolution

I know some of you are familiar with this blog called The Elite Revolution. But believe it or not, today is the first time I came across this blog and i'm already hooked with it.

This blog trash talks the elites and their projects.
I don't really know why I find it entertaining, but maybe because it's something different and honest.

According to my brain, the owner of this blog is lonely and jealous of the elites.
According to them:


What is The Elite Revolution is all about? Well, we're sick of it. We're sick of the entitled attitudes the current Elite's own, we're sick of the overblown egos. Its time someone took this serious Dollywood World issue to heart, and made a difference. We're sick of reading comments and whining blogs about needing new Elites, but they do nothing about it. It's time to shake the Stardoll world, its time to for these pathetic excuses for "Elites" to disappear into the cyberworld with nothing left to their names. We're here to start The Elite Revolution, to post everyones true opinions of these dinosaur Elites. Since most of you are afraid of crossing one of them, we're here to do it ourselves. We'll post what everyone is thinking.The Elite Revolution's one goal is to open the eyes of Stardoll users around the world, its time to end the current Elite Depression. And so begins the Revolution. 

Will you waste your time reading this blog?
Well you should.
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