Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spotted: UndamyUmbrellla is a Maident

After posting my introduction, I went directly to stardoll to look for something interesting to write about.
I visited the suites of the stardoll elites.
When I went to UndamyUmbrellla's page, I saw something that is very interesting.
I saw her ugly outfit.

When I saw this outfit there is only one word that came to my brain: MAIDENT!!
oh wait, that's not a word.
well let's just call her that because by the looks of her outfit she looks like a maid and a student rolled into one!

But lets not forget that in every bad thing, there's always a positive side.
And the positive side in this, is that this outfit of hers is a step up compared to the nip-slip one she had last year:

oh and btw she designed both of this outfit, so that means she's a bad designer!

sorry girl!
Gossip Girl

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